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York County Food Bank – York PA
Emergency Food Vouchers

Emergency Food Vouchers


The Emergency Food Voucher program is an innovative partnership between the York County Food Bank and partner agencies to provide emergency assistance to York County residents in need when partner agencies are unable to keep food at their site. How Does It Work? When a York County resident visits a partnering voucher agency and reports that they do not have food, they are given an emergency food voucher at no cost.

These vouchers can be redeemed at the York County Food Bank for up to 50 pounds of food per family. Who Can Receive It? Any resident of York County may request an emergency food voucher. Families with infants may also receive baby formula and diapers as available. Partnering voucher agencies meet with our friends in need to determine eligibility for a food voucher.

Clients who experience a state of food insecurity are eligible to participate in the emergency food voucher program. 1 Voucher is allowed per household. Clients must bring valid ID and vouchers are distributed on a first come, first serve basis. Thanks!

Below are the locations and days that Emergency Food Vouchers are distributed:

  • Etzweiler-Koller Funeral Home: 2000 W. Market St., York PA 17404
    • First Monday of each month – 8:00am-8:30am – (717)843-0216
  • Iglesia Casa del Alfarero: 241 E. King St., York, PA 17403
    • Second Tuesday of each month – Starting at 10:00am
  • St. Peter’s Lutheran: 947 N. George St., York PA 17404
    • Second Sunday of each month – 12:00pm-1:00pm – (717) 854-7074
  • Truth Tabernacle: 617 E. Princess St., York PA 17403  (Priority given to families with children & senior citizens)
    • Third Wednesday of each month – 12:00pm-4:00pm – (717) 845-7074
    • Third thursday of each month – 6:00pm-8:00pm
  • W.E.L.L. (Union Lutheran Church): 408 W. Market St., York PA 17401 (Vouchers provided by Good Shepherd Lutheran)
    • Fourth Wednesday of each month – Starting at 9:00am
  • Salem Lutheran: 99 York Rd., York PA 17407
    • Fourth Saturday of each month – Starting at 9:00am – (717) 428-2811
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