York County Food Bank – York PA

Real Stories of Hunger: Vickie Ziegler

From boroughs to townships and rural settings to York’s city center, hunger knows no boundaries.

In York County alone, close to 12 percent of the population—about one out of every nine residents—wakes up each day and goes to bed each night hungry. Given these figures, it would take slightly more than 9 million meals annually to close the food gap in York County.

Community food pantries, such as the food pantry at Spry Church in York County, are the lifeline for people in need of food for themselves and their families. Virginia Houser manages the church’s food pantry, which assists about 20 to 25 families (160 to 170 people) per week.

Those who rely on the food pantry include people with low incomes, individuals who have lost jobs, and others in need of short-term food assistance.

Vickie Ziegler values the support of the church’s food pantry and the impact it continues to make in her family’s life. “My husband gets laid off every winter, and until we pay the bills, there’s no money left for food. So the food pantry helps to supply us with some food that we probably couldn’t otherwise afford.”

“We’re blessed to be a member of the York County Food Bank so that we can come in here and get the varieties of food that we need,” Houser says as she gathers boxes of cereal and crackers, cans of soup, and other food essentials from among the bins and shelves inside the Food Bank’s food distribution warehouse in downtown York. In addition to nonperishable pantry staples, she also looks for fresh fruits and vegetables to bring back to the church’s food pantry.

“Without the Food Bank, we wouldn’t be able to give out near the amount of food that we do,” she says. “We receive food and donations from our congregation, but we also encourage them to put money into our Food Bank account at our church. It goes so much further so that we can help more people. We can get food at such discounted prices here at the Food Bank, and they have such a variety of things that we can choose from.”

You, too, can help people facing hunger right now. Through a generous gift of financial support or a gift of your time organizing a food drive or volunteering at a food pantry in your community, you can join the York County Food Bank in its mission to end hunger in York County.