York County Food Bank – York PA

Real Stories of Hunger: Michael Fox


Men and women, children and teens…they gather in a line outside the York County Food Bank in downtown York as they do every Friday morning, waiting to receive food they can use to feed themselves and their families.


Michael Fox of Towson, Maryland—a 2018 graduate of York College of Pennsylvania—witnessed this scene each week during his internship with the York County Food Bank. As part of his internship, he interacted directly with people waiting in line to receive their food, approximately 50 pounds per individual or family, through the Food for Families program.


He spoke to parents and single individuals from all walks of life who rely on the Food Bank and Food for Families. Fox himself understands the host of emotions that weigh on the minds and hearts of those who worry about how they’ll feed themselves and their families.


“While I was interning here, I was living at the home of one of my friends, and I didn’t have any other source of income,” he says. “I was grateful for Food for Families to help me through last summer. Through the Food Bank, I witnessed the need for food directly.”

Fox says that, as a child, he was fortunate to live in a household where he didn’t have to think about where his next meal would come from. But that thought is reality for thousands of people in York County who are hungry each day.


Through his service to the Food Bank, Fox says he’s learned about and gained an appreciation for the work of community nonprofits. It’s this appreciation that has motivated the business administration major to use his minor in nonprofit management to pursue a career in nonprofit development so that he can serve an organization that serves others.


The gift of a nonperishable food donation means so much to people in need, he says. “With the food that people receive [through the York County Food Bank], it gives them the nutrition to empower themselves. The food you’re giving gives people hope. While working with Food for Families, I had people who told me how much they appreciated what we did for them.”


You can help people facing hunger in York County right now. By contributing to fight hunger with your nonperishable food donation through Hunger Free Mondays, you can join the York County Food Bank in its mission to end hunger in York County.