York County Food Bank

Food Security Network

York County Food Bank’s core service, known as the Food Security Network, involves the solicitation, procurement, and distribution of food. In 2020, YCFB distributed more than 6.5 million pounds of food. This is the equivalent of more than 5.4 million meals. This food was distributed via our 125 Partner Agencies & through our distributions.

Donated and purchased food is transported to the Food Hub and out to our member partners across York County by the Food Bank’s fleet of trucks.

The Food Hub is also where donated food is inspected, sorted, and repackaged in preparation for distribution. Volunteers provide thousands of hours of support every year, helping to prepare this food for those in need.

people sorting food and choosing food
The Food Bank’s East York Food Hub is a distribution center that provides an efficient operation to collect, sort, and distribute food. We secure food donations from corporate food donors, state and federal food assistance programs, and other Food Banks. Food is also obtained through purchase programs where food banks can purchase large amounts of food at discounted prices.
food delivery truck
Every day, our Partner Agencies place food orders, receive deliveries from us, or pick up orders at our Food Hub. Our partners then provide this food to those in need through their distribution programs.

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