York County Food Bank – York PA

Chef Matt Albright – Three Hogs BBQ

Chef Matt is a returning champion from 2018! Last year  he used his immense barbecue knowledge to cook up some truly creative and delicious delicacies!

Starting as a dishwasher in a local restaurant, Chef Matt Albright worked his way through the ranks and became kitchen manager in 2008. Quickly out growing that restaurant, he and business partner Allen Kuhn opened 3 Hogs BBQ in Hanover, PA with the slogan “We Will Smoke Anything!” The buzz quickly spread and 3 Hogs gained popularity around the county leading to the opening of two additional 3 Hogs locations in Spring Grove and Central Market!

” I Like to make dishes that you’ve dreamed of, but never seen on a plate!” – Chef Matt Albright

Chef George Sheffer – Heritage Hills

George Sheffer first heard the kitchen’s call in his teens as a dishwasher, then busser, at Victor’s Italian Restaurant. Year’s later Chef George is back in York doing what he loves, making incredibly tasting food with amazing ingredients. Chef George has a culinary arts degree from the Yorktowne Business Institute and gained valuable training at Disney World’s Wilderness Lodge, Artist Point; Found’s Inn, Swan Terrace Restaurant, Virginia Beach; and in Wickey’s offsite commissary. Chef George is a returning Iron Chef Champion!

Chef Bryan Alfano – Country Club of York

Chef Alfano grew up locally and graduated from West York in 1996. He then went on to graduate from the PA Culinary Institute.  Upon graduating, he accepted the Banquet Chef position at Heritage Hills where he refined a lot of his skills.  He furthered his career by moving to Sous Chef at Harp and Fiddle. In 2006, when the Assistant Chef position opened at Country Club of York, he graciously accepted the position and has resided here ever since.  Chef Alfano puts emphasis on using fresh ingredients in his meals and has a passion for cooking with fresh seafood.

Chef Chase Tomlinson – York Suburban’s District Chef